GalCiv Get Fit Challenge

Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring is nearly here which means in a few short months hot weather and summer for Northern States. Time to get your beach body ready and what better way to do it while playing your favorite game.

I challenge all galciv players at the end of every turn to 25-50 jumping jacks (side-straddle hop for military types).

You can mix it up by alternating turns with 25 sit-ups or push-ups; or 10-12 curls with your favorite dumbbell (each arm).


Start with a lower number of repetitions if need be and work your way up.

If you can only do 5-10 repetitions of an exercise , keep that number every turn for one week, then add 5 more per turn for the next week, and each subsequent week until you reach the goal.