Does it need "fixed"?

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

There is something that happens in almost every game I play, that I have been wondering if it should be "fixed".

I end up making contact with many civs because one of those silly seemingly unlimited range trade ships crosses into the sensor range of one of my scout ships or flies by one of my planets. So my civilization is in contact with them for diplomacy purposes now, even though they might be literally on the other side of the galaxy (and I play on ludicrous size maps). And inevitably in almost every game, one of these civilizations that can't even get any military ships anywhere close to my planets will end up declaring war on me. I think that on the diplomacy mouse overs it even lists "You are outside of our travelling range" as one of the positive modifiers. So why does a civilization that "knows" it can't even wage war against me, declare war? The only effects this potentially has is that it might influence how other civilizations view me, if they are friends or enemies of the civ that declared war on me.

I mean sure this isn't any kind of "game breaker" or anything, but is it something that should be fixed? It just seems silly to me that a civilization would declare war, but not actually be able to do anything to the civilization they declare war upon because the two civilizations probably won't even be within range of each other for another 200 turns. I think in my last game I actually had a couple of civs that had declared war on me early in the game, that I never even actually met on the map before I finished the game with a technology victory.