Looking at Ship Roles

Posted on Saturday, February 17, 2018

So this started because I was looking for a way to change it so that tiny=interceptor/guardian, small/medium=assault/escort, and large/huge=capitals for consistency and to make more sense in my opinion, because I hate the fact that some mediums are considered capitals while some larges are considered escorts (I will not mention support going forward in this post as I wanted them to remain the same)

I could not find anything for changing threat vs fortitude vs value auto classifications, but I did find ShipBlueprintDefs.xml

According to this file, all the default ships' roles are tiny=interceptor/guardian, small=assault, medium=escort, and large/huge=capital

This is obviously not reflected by tooltips in game, but it makes me wonder about how it relates to BattleBehaviorDefs.xml when ships choose targets (and where they start), especially since I have a mod that changes targeting priority dramatically.

I'm pretty sure that ship classifications are actually set on a per-ship basis though, in the .ship files

so I have 2 questions:

1. is it possible to change the auto classifications of threat vs fortitude vs value in relation to ship sizes anywhere?

2. is it possible to change all the already existing .ship files for the factions to align with my own classifications or overwrite them in such a way that the AI will use my own files with "fixed" classifications for the default races?