Xeno Manufacturing Ruins the Game for Synthetic Races Because of Your Horrid Governors and Horrible UI, Frogboy

Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

You would think Xeno manufacturing is a good thing for synthetic races but it actually ruins your game.  

The reason is because the governors are STUPID.  The moment you get that tech your governors will automatically try to upgrade all of your factories, EVEN IF THE COLONIES' POPULATION IS 1.  

As a result you have to cancel all of the upgrades, cancel governors, and MANUALLY select "build pop."  Which happens to be at the bottom of the screen.  So for every planet you have to SCROLL DOWN THE ENTIRE BUILD LIST, which isn't easy if you have 30 colonies. 

So yeah.  The moment I get the "Colony Building" line of techs I start losing because I don't want to spend an hour micromanaging all of the colonies to "build pop."  The only solution I can think of? Never get any of the Colony Building line of techs so the idiotic governors have nothing to upgrade.    

For god's sakes, please make a couple of changes IN THE NEXT PATCH.  Your game's pretty awesome, but these little details can ruin it.  For synthetic races, code it so the governor will always try to BUILD POP first before upgrading buildings.  And please put the build pop button at the top of the build order, not the bottom.  

Also, if you add in an "auto-build pop" it would be awesome.  

None of this is hard to code or change given what you have made already.  A couple of small changes in "order of operations" would make the AI so much smarter and the game easier to play.