Peacekeepers have just ruined a great and engaging game. ** Please help me avoid a rage quit! **

Posted on Sunday, February 4, 2018

Yep, I just got this.  It's ruining my current game. 

Drengin declared War on me, WILL NOT accept peace under any circumstance, and now peacekeepers show up and kill my battleships and carriers!  How the hell can I ever hope to survive when a supposedly "godlike" entity decides I'm in the wrong and proceeds to exterminate me while the enemy who declared War on me won't enter into a peace treaty in good faith?

I hate the pirates, I hate the Monsters, and I hate the Peacekeepers.  None of this would ever happen in space.  None of it!  There's no damned such thing as the Organians, and no goddamned all-powerful entity in space forcing me to live the way it wants me to.  In the afterlife, yes, but dammit, this is not a religious game!

I need to be allowed to defend myself against the Drengin FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES.  If that's not possible, then I fear I'll have to rage quit this game and go back to Civilization VI.  This is BAD BAD BAD and I am very disappointed that I may never learn if my strategies against the Drengin would have worked.

I need somebody's help.  I need to eliminate all Peacekeepers from my current game map and I need to eliminate all of their chances for reappearing for this and all future games on this computer and any other that I use. 

I don't want them to attack me or any of my AI opponents; not even my worst enemies.  I want to have a fair chance to prosecute all wars, whether or not I was the one who started them and whether or not my opponent refuses to accept peace. 

Regardless of whether I win or if I lose, I want that to be my achievement or failure.  Pirates, Monsters, and Peacekeepers are basically a stab in the back from the game itself, because they take away my ability to be the cause of my own success or failure.

Can anybody help me so I won't have to rage quit this game?