Questions about kinetic weapon balance

Durantium driver OP?

Posted on Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hello all!


After having played a lot of GalCiv2 back in the days, I only recently started playing part III.

After a couple of failed attempts, I slowly get the hang of the new part as compared to the older one.

Now, I'm currently playing a game as Terrans on normal difficulty, version 2.71, no expansions or mods.

I decided to go for kinetic weapons and have researched them up to Quantum Drivers. Thing is, it seems to me that the measly Durantium driver, which I acquired ages ago, is still the best/most efficient weapon I have. Sure, it's relatively expensive, but it has by far the best damage/mass ratio - if I want high firepower the Durantium driver is the best way to go. Durantium is easy to come by, so Durantium costs don't matter much.

Both Graviton and Quantum drivers have twice the mass for the same (GD) or one higher damage output (QD) respectively. So I wonder - is there anything about those techs that gives an advantage over the DD? They seem to have the same range and reload time(?) - so why even develop those relatively costly techs if the best kinetic weapon is already availably relatively early in the game?

In other words, unless I'm missing something here, which is quite possible, given that I'm still new to GCIII, the balance in the kinetic weapons tree is seriously off...