New player question

Posted on Friday, February 2, 2018

So I just got this game (and the crusader expac) and tried the tutorial last night.


I Spent the entire game will my population hating me (the one time I was able to make a ideology choice I choose benevolent).

I started the game with a 35% approval rating, and I spent most of the game not able to change it. No building available really altered it. For background, I took alot of turns and didn't race to a military victory.


Also, I ran into population issues. Since I didn't go straight to unlocking farms and cities, I had food and population issues the entire game. Once I was able to build them, it seemed that unless I devoted 1/3 to half the planet to farms and cities, I wouldn't be able to stay ahead of me needs.


How should I have handled these situations?