Kind of disappointing...

Posted on Sunday, January 21, 2018

So I recently got back into playing GalCiv 3 after taking a break for a few months. Started playing with version 2.71. There are a lot of nice changes and polish, so that's all good. However after playing for a while I discovered that the game still has one thing that is extremely broken, and it has been broken for literally over a year now. Since Crusade began, and it was carried over from the base game before Crusade.


Carriers do NOT do what the tech says they do. The first carrier tech says it gives you assault fighters. It does NOT. Or rather sometimes it might, most of the time is does not. Carriers give you different types of fighters that seem to be completely based on what types of techs you currently have researched. This is f***ing annoying to say the least, and makes the carrier tech pretty much useless. There is no way to plan your ship roles for fleets when you have no idea what kind of fighters are going to be spawning out of your carriers. Sometimes they might spawn as interceptors which can work ok, at least they go attack the enemy ships. Other times they spawn as guardians, and then it can completely f***ing wreck your fleet. Because all of your ships that were supposed to be following behind a wave of assault fighters are now at the front line being torn apart with no fighter support you were counting on to be there. While your now worthless "assault fighters" the carriers were supposed to be providing are sitting clear at the back doing absolutely nothing because they have actually been assigned a guardian role instead of assault role.

Guys seriously. It is pretty ridiculous that the carrier tech has been broken basically since the game began. When the tech description says it gives you assault fighters, then your carriers should ALWAYS spawn assault fighters. When you get the techs for guardian and interceptor fighters, those should ALWAYS spawn guardians and interceptors. When the ship role of your carrier fighters is always changing based on your current techs researched, it makes carriers as they work now a complete waste of time. A waste of tech research time, a waste of fleet building time. Sometimes a waste of hundreds of game turn time (hours and hours of play time) when you discover your primary conquest strategy you were building towards is now basically useless. And not because the AI has "outplayed" you, but because the devs put in a horribly inaccurate description of a terribly broken tech.

You folks at Stardock are pretty great and have made an awesome game that I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours playing. But it annoys me a lot that you have had this broken tech in the game since the beginning and still haven't fixed it.


TLDR: Carriers are broken, they don't provide the type of fighters that the tech claims. Please fix.