Crusade 2.7 (latest?): invasion locks up when planet has no city

Posted on Friday, December 29, 2017

Maybe this is a corruption in my current game file. I've tried again with both a re-load and a full restart and load, also with and without bombardment.

The target is Kona, and this is the first game where I've experimented with beginner/easy AIs as 'minors.' Naturally, I chose those original-planet-of-the-apes lookin' rotters for the experiment and they seem so stupid that they don't grok cities. The game is past turn 260 and nary a one on their three puny worlds.

So this isn't a major problem for me since I dislike the current manual mode and only occasionally see it by accident when I click the wrong button. But I thought I should report it just in case it isn't just this one game of mine. If the coders want the save file when they get back from break, I can file a ticket and post a save from just before I tried (with way too few legions, dang it).

I hope the year's turning has been treating everyone very well