Galactic Civilization III v2.71 Patch (Released 12/20)

Posted on Monday, December 18, 2017


We have some quick game balances and AI enhancements that we want to get out to you before the holiday.  


  • AI will construct more survey ships and use them to explore and find anomalies more aggressively
  • AI is more likely to construct scouts while there are unexplored areas around stars
  • AI is more inclined to focus on fewer enemies even if it hates them in order to concentrate its might on individual enemies.
  • AI will ignore military power if necessary to go to war against enemies of its allies
  • AI will now use its colony ships, freighters and constructors to scout FOW areas rather than wait for scouts and other ships to uncover FOW.
  • AI military ships will act as scouts early Game
  • AI ships better at exploring for potential colony targets by exploring stars over the void.
  • Precursor food artifact benefit reduced
  • Crusade change: Unforgiving cultural trait gives a 10% empire-wide production bonus.
  • Base game: Changed unforgiving text to get 5% which is the amount it actually changes in the base game.