[MOD] Population Rebalance (2.0)

Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What started at a simple mod to rebalance the game the lower Population level introduced after Crusade,
ended up being a major project, as i was including some of my favorite mods,
and tweaking a lots of thing along the way.

My mod has been posted on NexusMod.


- A new Town building (upgradable into city then megalopolis)

- Bonus of citizens converted into Flat bonus

- 15 new Promotions for citizens

- Rebalance all stats related to population (Growth, GoodsAndServices, the capacity of Colony Module and the Neighbor Bonuses for Population)

- Colony start with 1 legion (with upkeep raised to 2)

- Farms no longer need Monsatium (The AI should build farms and city now!)

- Increased need for Thulium in Star base modules and ship components

- Rebalance made into Ship's shield, ForceFields, and move capability

- New planet trait: Large World (+2 Population Cap)

and hundred of others tweaks... see the readme for details...