Why is the reputation of GalCiv III so bad at the moment?

Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2017

I really don't understand that. A game like Stellaris have a real hipe while you get much less content for more money?! In fact there you only have to build a big fleet asap, attack finish, that's it. But everyone love it. 

Endless space 2,still full release but in fact still in beta version. Everyone love it?! 

GalCiv III great game, deep with much content, new engine great Dev support etc... So many bad reviews! 

Some idea why?  Is it to complex for the most? To difficulty? The learning curve to heavy? 

I really don't understand it and that's really sad. Otherwise is there the fear the devs will stop the development of the game... That would be much more than sad!!! 

Thank you