Galactic Civilization III v2.61 Patch (Released 11/09)

Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2017


We have prepared a patch for you focused on squashing bugs and improving balance.  Read below for details


  • General improvements to turn times.
  • Improved performance on lower end video cards.

Gameplay / Balance

  • [Crusade] Factory output increased.
  • AI much better about prioritizing construction of transports if they have military dominance.
  • Assassination event made more common
  • Fixed issue where the AI move limit was being doubled multiplied.
  • AI now has a separate mid and late game strategy system rather than relying on a single strategy the entire game.
  • Shipyards are no longer transferred to a player when a given player surrenders.
  • More techs provide administrative points.
  • AI bonuses at higher difficulty levels reduced due to improvements in AI.
  • Yellow stars are more likely to have habitable planets than previously.
  • Culture Module balance pass (slight decrease in culture output).
  • Adjacency bonuses for factories made to be the same as research buildings.
  • Cities now require Durantium and Promethion to construct in addition to food.
  • Changed Work Camp from base 5% manufacturing bonus to 2.5%, which makes upgrading to a Forced labor camp (5%) more appealing
  • Added morale bonus to Slave Works upgrade so you didn't lose that bonus from the lower tier improvement 
  • Updated Yor tech tree so they can build the advanced research and economic starbase modules.  


  • [Crusade] Unit's gender is now the same on the peer and the host (prevents desyncs)
  • "Word on the Street" calculates the same number of planets for each player  (prevents desyncs)
  • Fixed various other desyncs
  • Custom maps once again load for multiplayer games
  • You can no longer eject ships from starbases you don't own.  Nasty cheaters!


  • [Crusade] the planet window now only shows a Legions Available stat, instead of Garrisons and Legions as two separate stats on the screen
  • Fixed incorrect texture on relic ship part
  • Stationing a transport at a starbase will no longer kill everyone on board. 
  • The Alerts listbox scrollbar will no longer  scroll past the bounds of the listbox
  • Starbases now correctly show up in the ship style set editor
  • Fixed typos