GOG Connect & Stardock Games, present and future?

Posted on Sunday, October 29, 2017

Greetings good people of Stardockia.

I found only one mention of GOG Connect on the boards from over a year ago and I wonder if someone might tell us whether your organization has any plans to leave Connect options permanently open or have a regular window of opportunity cycle.

I would very much like to buy directly from Stardock, not only because you often have awesome sale prices, but because I trust that you get a larger share of the profit than when one of us buys directly from a platform like Steam. Also, logging in to Steam is painful. It hurts both my head and my heart.

The people over at GOG seem to be kindred spirits to Stardock Games, driven at least as much by love of games as they are by a desire to earn money. Seeing GOG become a full alternate delivery platform, perhaps by a two-way key swapping agreement with Stardock and Steam, would serve up a fine platter roasted awesome with a big gravy boat of awesome sauce.

I've queued up at GOG for the Star Control public beta and something makes me think that will lead to another out-of-hand GC3 binge. I'd love to buy the Crusade expansion direct from Stardock and be able to install it from my GOG library.