2.6 bugs

Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Transport ships loose all their soldiers when docking and then undocking from star bases. 

The Yor are missing access to a couple economic star base modules that can be potentially crippling at end game. The Yor don't have don't have access to the third tier star base research boosting module "Orbital Research Center", and although it seems they are technically able to research the fourth tier research module "Orbital Institute" as it actually appears on their tech tree, you can never use it because you have to install the modules in order, the game doesn't allow you to skip the third tier upgrade and go straight to the fourth therefore not having access to the third tier starbase research boost module denies the Yor access to all the higher tier research module upgrades

Additionally the Yor are missing access to the second tier economic star base gross income boosting module "Orbital Shopping Center". And while the third and fourth tier income boosting modules are on their tech tree, they cannot access them because they are missing the second tier one since you must upgrade the modules in order. And because they are missing the second tier gross income boosting module they are also unable to use the third and fourth tier economic boosting module. This becomes very noticeable when you rely on economic star bases to boost your planets.

You can eject ships from opposing civilizations planets by clicking on their planet and double clicking the picture of the ship in the lower part of the screen. At least this is true during multiplayer games if you do it during your opponents turn. Could potentially make it very easy to take over planets with just a few fast moving troops ships, if you take advantage of this bug. 

These bugs were found while running the base game with the v2.6 opt-in update on steam.