[Site bug?] Any post with "Email me updates for this post" is not sending me emails any more.

Posted on Saturday, October 7, 2017

Im not sure where to post this, so ill post it on here since im most familiar with this forum.

As the title says, even know I have posts set to "Email me updates for this post" is not sending me emails. Looking at my gmail the last notification I got from '' was all the way back in March 26th this year. I do check the site often and the Subscription count for updated posts does go up but im just not getting any emails.

My email is set correctly on my account and as far as I can tell im not getting anything sent to my spam folder. So im not sure what is happening. I may have done something to break it, but if I did im not sure what I have done.

On a side note.. it seems the site, atleast for the forums, are either being slow or going down alot lately with 404. Im not sure if that's related.