Multiplayer: why not make 1 hour turns? (let us have GalCiv in MMO format!)

Posted on Friday, August 18, 2017

Time tested massive multiplayer practices show, that games can go on for weeks, months even, and everybody involved are excited. But GalCiv, like Civilization, wants to rush those game sessions like crazy. Personally I would never play in such haste, it ruins the whole thing. 

Completely contrary to me sounds other scenario: make 1hour (2 hour or whatever it is) turns, that go on automatically, no matter if player has given orders or not. Let the participants give orders and execute them at the very last minute before the hour for the next turn begins. THe games could be always available to Stardock original server and absent/abandoning players could earn bad multiplayer reputation. Stardock, you could have massive pools of players, willing to play in your server. Another field where to strenghten your player base and bankroll.

Sounds exciting for me. But devs dont seem to agree with this vision. WHY NOT????