Modding synthetic starting population troubles & poss silly xml limitation?

Posted on Monday, July 31, 2017

StartingColonyPopulation is initially set in factiondefs.xml, but it makes little sense for it not to be affected with a clever +2 custom race that starts with synthetic & allow setting it via AbilityDefs.xml.  Even if that synthetic race rush buys a planetary mainframe beside their colony capitol on turn 1/0. they won't be able to start building more pop for 7 rounds at which point their planetary extractor is 3 rounds away from being finished with +1 increase pop needing 24 rounds.  Granted that will be shortened somewhat after 5 rounds when their first production center comes online.  But you are still looking at +1 pop around the time nonsynthetic races are done with a shipyard & pumping out a first or second colony ship while they gain around 0.1 popor more every turn.


So I tried to set StartingColonyPopulation in AbilityDefs.xml, I can't get it to take effect



With or without the <mod> around the startingcolonypopulationabove on abilitydefs.xml it still starts at 10  anyone else have some ideas?