Noob mod questions/issues

Posted on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Questions about modding:

1)  When I copy everything from the game install folder to my Documents/Mods folder, the game doesn't start up.   Lots of error messages.

2)  After I delete all the xml files in my mod directory necessary so that the game at least starts (no ASSERT fires, no error messages, etc.), the game core dumps as soon as I start a game.   The default files in the game install directory clearly are not right when you copy them.

3)   If I copy only ImprovementDefs.xml over, the default ImprovementDefs.xml is in itself a mod.   Where is the original?   If I start the game as Terrans, no mod, then I start out able to build Starports, Computer Cores, and Space Elevators.   But if I copy straight over ImprovementDefs.xml, it's Thulium Data Archive, Promethion Data Refinery, Durantium Refinery.   Doesn't the game just have default XML's that correspond to the default game?

4)   How do I require Hyper Silicates, Techapods, etc. to build something?    "TechapodCost" doesn't work.