Are you polishing?

Posted on Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dear creators and developers of the game!

I'm with you come a long way from the first prototypes of the game to the latest release, and I must say you thank you for your work.

Thank you for continuing to improve this game, do not forget about the wishes of the players, fix bugs, release a DLC, and for that you also a huge thank.

But there is a "BUT". Big and unfortunately, not one. Brad is already talking about polishing the game. So certainly force programmers, developers, testers, will soon be redirected to other games from Stardock.

Very much did not want to, because the game is far from complete, so we should not talk about polishing.

Start with the basics.

1. Artificial intelligence is not able to build up on the the planet!

Will give a few examples - here, look, this is two years after the game's release, this version of the game 2.31.4!

still the AI cannot build on any planet without an error. My eyes bleed looking at it:

I have to rebuild each planet is a long, tedious, sad.

2. Teach the AI to save and not to build dozens of fleet, which, for its current expenses, he will not be able to contain!

You spoiled by handouts AI in the form of money, resources, research points, and it did not know how to save and count money.

Planet I inherited, won or donated, there are was never in the positive balance.

Any fleet, if not for the constant gifts from the AI developers would be ruined.

3. Teach the AI to properly consider Power points!

A lot of troubles. I'm strong and able to wipe the whole galaxy is constantly in last place in military ranking.

Therefore, the computer is so sure of himself, arrogant and demanding because he thinks us players weaklings.

I seized the planet, in which the enemy lost 4-6 thousand points Power. Thousand! One ship is a pair of points, the average fleet - hundreds, and there we have thousands of points from only one planet!

Of course, this is a lot of unfounded attacks, requirements, and wars. 

4. Diplomacy. Teach AI trade!

Read the latest news about changes in the AI behavior, especially in trade, and exchange. Funny. You do play tried?

Here's a screenshot. It requires all. Absolutely, and give me for this all only 175 bc.

And here's another.

He needs all the resources. And also over 175 bc.

I'm sorry, somebody ask me right now....yeah, and here again...

What a mystical figure 175?

What a fantastic requirement?

Regardless of the fact that you agree with his demands, give him the resources or reject - it is don't change!

Has anyone played at a higher difficulty level? there once we are meeting, 3 arrows left,

and the next 9 moves the requirement to give them all, and in the next 9 turns - war.

So, everything you write about diplomacy - concerns the apparently game on easy or normal difficulty, ok, so and talk about it. On higher difficulty levels not change nothing.

By the way, why my friends, and even allies in UP vote not for me, but for those who are in a state of war?

Well, it's not critical of course, and it here could be called polishing...

Diplomacy is another funny example. 

Altarians for example ask me to support them, and attack Drengin.

I support them, attacking Drengin and instantly have Altarian go bad with me - Im already invader.

It's strange, of course, because I went to meet them, helped them, as a result of soured relations with both.

And anyway, it's a completely different thing - when I was asked to attack when I attack and when the attack on me.

So it would be polished... 

And while we continue to talk about the obvious flaws.

5. In the review of the patch has been said about the increase in the number of anomalies. I happily have generated the galaxy, and find, that the anomalies as there was no and no.


OK, I thought maybe it was because I played his own race, started over, and... nothing.


Well, maybe I'm unlucky, try again...

Then another. And so 10 times. In 8 out of 10 on the first two or three screens, there was nothing. 

Probably, if to speak mathematical language, was 0 anomalies in the average on the screen. You added, well 50%. It became ...0.   

Oh, I guess you can say and about a 200% increase in the number of anomalies, because 0 want how much time can be multiplied by any number is 0.

I'm talking about levels higher than normal, please keep this in mind.

Strange if abundant have of black holes is -  three can be on screen, but none of the anomalies even though abundant, the result is the same.

Understand, UNINTERESTING to fly in empty space! It's BORING to explore the whole parsecs, the game loses one letter X of his four.

The word "boring" was deadly for the game, especially in this genre. The number of prizes is low, the artifacts are not allowed (1 of 100) the study of technology. Is almost there in the game now the ship graveyard, so now the skill scavenger useless. Before all, it is necessary skill to develop, before going into a normal fight, but where and how can I do that?

Yes, a bit in the last patch increased the number of heavily defended artifacts from, but it doesn't really solve the question - what to do in space where there is nothing?

You can say - Yes, let the ship he flies. Then you'll see what he found.

Unfortunately, this is another major glitch.

Here let the ship, 

here it came

Installed latest drivers, tried on multiple computers, all to no avail.

It is a serious impediment to explore space.

A few questions, about polishing

But polishing is - a study of the flight of the ship so that it NO TO flew straight to the pirates, or not paved the way through other people's possessions.

By the way why ships never attack other races, except the player, so do peacekeepers?

Another race attack ships and bases of pirates on the space animals, but pirats not attack to them. Why when Lords of the fear appears have another race at hand, this race only shooting at them ships. Why not destroy the shipyard? Why not land on the planet?

That would be polishing.

Also in the announcement of the patch was happily said - now would be more money! Yay! But then I saw the upgrade cost

how to understand this? we gave you more money, just multiply the cost of the rush 100 times?

Why have removed the ability of the race to build the first building instantly, and why is this never said? 

Why all other races fly across the galaxy to colonize planets next to me, and  close to them not colonize?

Why if the database is being built near archaeologists and resource,

you first need to build an archaeological module and then production, and not Vice versa?

Tick disable auto-upgrade does not work when moving between planets by pressing "left" or "right". I mean here

It should have as the bases used to be - checkbox - all.

why if it is not possible to build a hex, he still is highlighted

why the table sorting is lost when you come to the planet?

for example, sort by search

going on the planet, return:

why the shipyard no longer automatically connect the next unused planet?

Here it I would to call will be polished, but what you are doing now - (thank you again giant), but it can not be called polished.

Sincerely, and sincerely wishing you all success SergSV