Steam file integrity

Posted on Saturday, July 8, 2017

I created a new civilization with a fleet consisting mostly of ships that I designed, (I just used the defaults for the specialty support ships). The civilization saved and I played a game using the civ with no issues. Next day I started up the game and got an error message that the ship style for my new civ was not valid and would not be included in the game. When the game started none of my custom ships were there. The civ loaded okay, just no custom ships. just generic terran ships. I have done other civs using the civ maker and did not have this problem.

Now comes the weird part. Before I started the game again I checked the file integrity on steam and it said 21 files were missing and would be restored. After this I started the game and all my ships were back and working perfectly fine. What is happening is that every time I exit the game, the ship files for my fleet are being deleted. I have to open the game properties on steam and check file integrity to restore the files.

How and/or why are the files being deleted when I exit the game. If steam has access to the files and can restore them, what is going on?

I have gotten similar ship style errors in the past but they were always associated with some out of date mod or a deleted faction. I am using mods but none of them are creating errors and this was a straight forward civ creation just like the others I have done.

I will do a ticket if needed.