I'd like a refund please

Posted on Thursday, July 6, 2017



According to steam i've played for over 40 hours. I have sadly bashed my head against constant crashes & getting stuck ending turn for more like 120 hours, 80 hours of re-loading, re-running the same turn, the same 2 turns, 3 turns, downloading the opt-in patch, verifying my steam files, updating grapics drivers, sound drivers, patching windows.


I haven't yet managed to play through a multiplayer match without getting permanently stuck on a turn that just won't move onto the next turn. Repeated re-loads doesn't fix it, doing different things in the turn doesn't fix it.

Steam will not refund me because i've played more than 2 hours. 


I'd like a refund please & a refund for the copy i bought my girlfriend, both were in the recent steam sale.