Worthless Carriers and Customer Complaint

Posted on Sunday, July 2, 2017

What is the deal with carriers? The first carrier module we get says it provides two assault fighters. It does not. It gives two guardian drones. That means a module that you think provides some offensive firepower actually effectively gives you absolutely nothing because the guardians just hang out away from the fighting unless something actually makes it to the support carrier in the back. So what does the next thing in the tech tree give? It gives you a choice between selecting interceptor drones or guardian drones, but the first carrier module you get is already nothing more than the guardian drones already. What about the last super carrier module tech, that is supposed to provide three assault fighters instead of just two? Does that just give you three garbage guardian drones instead of assault fighters too, just like the first carrier module that is supposed to be giving assault fighters but does NOT? If you want to nerf carriers because you think they are too powerful, then just say so and change the tech descriptions. It is annoying to spend a lot of time building up a fleet only to discover it is pretty much gimped because the techs are not at all what was advertised.


I know Brad had that big post about polish, price, quality or whatever the 3 things were. Yeah I get it, you only have so much time and so many resources and I know you all work hard etc etc etc. I can live without polish because I don't really care too much about how pretty the graphics are, how many typos are in flavor text, so on and so forth. I am not really too concerned about price either, I would have gladly got the founders edition if I had known about it before the opportunity had already passed to get it. I haven't waited around for steam sales to buy your products, I get them as soon as they come out because I have always had faith they would be something good. But you have pretty much ruined that faith. Polish and price, whatever I don't care, as long as the quality is good. The quality however has NOT been good for a while, in my opinion. There are way too many things like planetary tiles that do not do what they say they do, buildings that do not do what they say they do, techs that do not do what they say they do, game mechanics that do not work like they are supposed to work. I have posted about most of these things before. Things not working as advertised isn't a matter of Polish, it is poor Quality.


Like I said, I know you guys and ladies there at Stardock work hard and try to deliver a good product. I am sure that you will continue working hard and eventually get all of the bugs ironed out to deliver a good quality product. I am a very dissatisfied with the quality of the product I have been buying, and I have been dissatisfied with the quality of your products for quite a while now. I am not saying I won't buy your products anymore, because I love the GalCiv series and have been playing since way back in the days of GalCiv 1. I won't be rushing out to buy them as soon as they are released anymore though. Unfortunately I have to consider Stardock stuff the "wait for huge Steam sale" before getting now. The poor quality has pretty much killed my anticipation that made me want to rush out and get something as soon as it was released. I can wait for the cheap price, since the game quality probably won't even be worth playing until then anyways.




A disappointed customer, but still fanboy at heart