Crusade 2.3 opt-in feedback

Posted on Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hello! First of all, I'd like to thank you for great job you are doing with updating and polishing the game.

Here are some issues I've found in 2.3 opt-in:

1. On colony window, the tooltip that shows rushing price does not update - if you select another project and then hover mouse over "rush" button, it'll still show the price of previously selected project (bug present in base game too)

2. When you select a star, the window that show habitable planets is incorrectly labeled as "defending fleet" (in pre-Crusade GC3 it was correctly named "habitable planets")

3. There's a special colony tile "Wild Grain" that gives +3 Food bonus. However, farms now benefit only from "+population" bonus so "+food" bonus does nothing.

4. Special building Precursor Fabricator-B still gives adjacency bonus to Social Construction while (according to changelog) all social adjacency bonuses were changed to All Construction.

5. Prototype Duranthium driver - unjustified cost - 12 Duranthium for only 2 damage points more? Energy and missile tech trees don't have something like that...

6. Prototype Antimatter missile - actually inferior to Harpoon (unlocked by the same tech), despite higher cost

7. All energy weapons require only 1 Elerium, while better version of other weapon types cost more and more resources

8. Inconsistencies between ship module parameters shown in tech tree and their actual parameters in Designer (most notably mass) 

9. Espionage specialization and Espionage Focus- description in tech tree identical as Cultural Optimization


Also, maybe not bugs but some lore/logical inconsistencies:

1. Promethion is described as useful for constructing kinetic weapons but none of kinetic weapons actually uses it.

2. Duranthium is described as useful for constructing hulls and armors while it's mostly used for kinetic weapons. In fact the only thing the Duranthium has to do with hulls is Thulium hull reinforcement module. Surprisingly, Duranthium composite armor does not use Duranthium at all. 


Another question: do you plan some rebalance on economic starbases? The 2,5% bonuses are hardly noticeable...


Anyway, keep up the good work!