Further, Aesthetic, immersive improvements I`d like to see..

Posted on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It`s great to be able to add faces to citizens, fleets and state jobs now. Thankyou. Adds immersion. I also love the advances in AI and please keep at it.


I`d like to see more aesthetic improvements too, especially in battle:

1. I would like to see more randomised destruction of ships. For instance, instead of destroyed ships always blowing up instantly could we not have a variety of ship deaths such as:

a, A destroyed ship simply veers off course and strays away into the distance, due to catastrophic damage, on fire with popping explosions to become dead hulks in space. This would be for huge ships.

b, A ship taking time before it explodes even when out of the battle? So it floats away, dead, but doesn`t actually explode until 20 or 30 seconds later, if ever? For huge ships.

c, Ships break apart but it`s parts (on fire, sparking or whatever it would look like in space) and just float apart. again a huge ship thing.


The idea is to help create a dramtic scene: As dreadnoughts and starships battle it out, dying and dead space ships trailing sparks float by in the background like a great battleships of the sea that`s on fire as other huge ships fight. A scene of war and catastrophe of war.

2. Audio speech of commanders giving the player a run by of the fight as it happens over long distance comms, "We have contact!" "Taking damage!" "We`ve taken one them down!" "We`ve lost helm control!" "Evacuate! Evacuate!" "The battle is won." And varieties of.

3. Audio speech for the various races we meet would be nice too, WITH the ability to add your own Player speech (or audio file) for your custom leader Civ. You could even grab star trek voice overs for custom startrek factions perhaps.

4. also some flavour speech for citizens and where you click to read what a person thinks of a world he`s living on.

That`s it, just some immersion ideas.