Ugly planet configuration!

Some systems look very very artificial!

Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Apparently there are two new bits of code in the system generator:

1) Planets try to space themselves one hex apart now. This means if you have three planets in lane 1 and three in lane 2 they make a hideously artificial looking triangle.

EDIT: The rule seems to be that planets in adjacent lanes cannot be adjacent to one another. Only a problem in the inner two lanes, because of the planet cap.

EDIT 2: Now I don't know WHAT is going on... I have kept testing, and I have found one system that violates this rule. Every other system is following the rule. Unless two inner-ring planets are adjacent to each other, an inner ring of three always produces the "triangle of ugliness..."

Please please change this! It is ugly, and it makes large systems look unrealistic!

2) Lanes can now only have three planets each in the random system generator. This really makes modding systems a pain. I'm sure it was done to keep object counts down, but those of us using larger systems could simply increase the spacing or mod other aspects of the game to fix it. It used to be different, because I remember that when you filled a lane completely, the code added a new lane outside of that to accommodate the overflow. That was a wicked-cool bit of programming, and it made my mod work.

I know it is pointless to ask for a change just to make a mod work again, but would you pleasey please please take this limit out of the code? Or let us modify it somehow?