Thank you Stardock Support!

My apologies for my my earlier comments...

Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2017

I recently had a very good experience with the Stardock support ticket system. I know this is just one case, but I felt I had to comment since I was very critical on another thread earlier. This time I wasn't lazy and I stuck with the process the way I was asked. I don't know if the problem will get fixed, but it has been passed to the devs, and I am very appreciative of the communication, feedback, and cooperation I received during the process. I am pleased that Brad and the team worked so hard with me, my schedule, and the technical difficulties involved in documenting the bug in question.

Again, I know this is just one incident, but reporting on the forum hasn't worked, and the bug is seriously interfering with my enjoyment of the game. I apologize for my earlier criticism, and I will use the ticket system properly in the future. I know it can't work every time, but I am sure pleased with it this time.

Thank you Stardock support!