MSc Survey Request

Posted on Monday, June 5, 2017

Hi all,


Appreciate not many people know me around here, however I wonder if I could beg a few minutes of your time to assist with my Masters research - don't worry, nothing too onerous and it'll take maybe 8-10 minutes:

I am currently undertaking a MSc in Forensic Mark Comparison at the University of Wolverhampton - the focus of my study is to determine whether infrared 'night vision' CCTV affects one's ability to identify a subject from the imagery.
The study itself would involves looking at a series of 15 short clips and attempting to identify the filmed individual from a series of photos. From the results I've already had, it should take no more than 8 minutes and it would greatly contribute to my eventual result.
The link to the survey is: . The front page contains more detailed information.
Many thanks in advance for any takers!