Desktop crashed - "IRQL not equal or less than" - system restarted. (can't log on to create a stardock ticket).

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

While in my turn on Crusade Win8.1 gave me a message that a severe system error occurred, that it had received a condition "IRQL not equal or less than" (or something very similar). After gathering some error information the OS shut down and restarted.

I tried to log on to the Stardock problem reporting site but was unable to, nor was I able to use the "lost password" function.

I downloaded a fresh copy of the SDSupportTool.exe and used it to attempt to gather data for a ticket and have it available on my hard disk. I could put it up on "DropBox", but I am concerned about the warning I saw about not sharing this zip file with others (providing a pointer here would allow it to be shared with the world).