Crusade is a "deeper, more rewarding experience" - USgamer rates 4.5/5!

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

GalCiv3-Crusade-Review-Shot-(9)“If you’re looking to quench your 4X hunger, Crusade makes Galactic Civilizations III one of the more robust, high-quality offerings out there,” USgamer’s Mike Williams writes. “Crusade is everything that an expansion should be. It takes [the base game], sands off the rough edges, and adds new options for a deeper, more strategic experience. The new citizens system offers more late-game options, espionage returns, planetary invasions are more tactical, and alongside the three new races, there’s a Civilization Builder letting you craft your own. If you’re a GalCiv fan, it’s an instant pick-up. If you’re not, this might be the time to pick it up.”

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