[MOD] Expanded Cities for GC3 Crusade

Posted on Monday, May 29, 2017

Expanded Cities V1.0 for GC3 Crusade.

In Galactic Civilizations 3: Crusade, the only way for carbon and silicon based life forms to raise the population cap on your planets is to build one or more cities.

Have you ever wanted more variation in city sizes, so that you could control your population cap in smaller steps?

This mod provides four new planetary improvements, the Settlement, Town, Metropolis, and Megalopolis.  The Settlement upgrades to the Town, the Town to Metropolis, and the Metropolis
to the Megalopolis.

Each costs food to build.  Or Durantium, for the silicon based.

In GC3 Crusade v2.2, a City improvement costs two food and raises the population cap by 16.  According to a comment by Brad there's a planned 2.2.1 patch that will probably change this to 3 food and a cap of 9, but add additional adjacency bonuses.  So for V1.0 of this mod, I've tried to set the costs and benefits of the new improvements in line with the planned patch.

In version 1.0 of this mod the new improvements raise the population cap as follows:

Settlement: +4
Town: +4
Metropolis: +8
Megalopolis: +8

So a fully upgraded settlement will raise your population cap by 24, but if you have auto-upgrade improvements turned off you have control over what your cap is, and, if you wish, can raise it in steps keep your approval from dropping (which happens when your population exceeds your planet's morale).

Install: Unzip the file into your Documents\My Game\GC3Crusade\Mods folder and start a new game.
Uninstall: Delete the ExpandedCities folder from your Mods folder.

Find the mod here:

Change log:

V1.11 Fixed Silicon life form upgrade paths, settlement will now upgrade to town correctly
V1.1 Added tech pre-reqs for each of the 4 new improvement types, tech pre-reqs now apply to silicon based life as well as carbon based.