[MOD] Pirate, Space Monster, Dread Lord "Improvements"

Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2017

Note: There are two mods here, one for GalCiv3 before Crusade and one for Crusade.  Be sure to use the right one.

These mods improve the pirates so that they are no longer as passive as they are without the mod.  Also, the space monsters are a little better, and the Dread Lords are tougher.

I have also included 2 new logos for the pirates which are based on TerranModel_130.png from the original GalCiv3.  It was changed when Crusade was released.

How are the pirates improved?
They build ships faster.
They research faster to build better ships.
They earn credits faster so they don't go broke and stop building ships.
Pirates are scavengers, so they can scavenge (capture) ships and use them.
They will use captured scouts to scout.
They will use captured survey ships to survey anomalies and make use of what they find.
They will use captured and found constructors to build starbases of all kinds.
They will use captured and found colony ships to settle planets.
They will build transports and invade planets.
They will destroy any AI (and you) if they get they chance.

They are not as intelligent as the regular AI, so they aren't all-powerful and will do some dumb things that you will probably notice.

What about the space monsters?
They are similar to the pirates but don't do as much.

What about the Dread Lords?
They start with more ships, which makes them more powerful at the beginning.  This gives them more time to get their planet going so they can destroy you later.

Special Acknowledgements
To CyphusBlue for posting about the pirate image here, which I have used ever since.
To Gauntlet, whose pirates in his Gaunlet's Race Mod showed me how to turn pirates into scavengers.
To Horemvore, whose Harder Dread Lord mod showed me how to make the Dread Lords harder without doing all that he did in his mod.
To Stardock for making the original pirate image I used to make the pirate logos in this mod.

Base GalCiv3
The mod for the base (non-Crusade) version of GalCiv3 is available here.

The mod for the Crusade version of GalCiv3 is available here.