Citizens appearance should be more randomised and names...

Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2017

I notice that Citizens appear every 10 turns... on the dot. Why?

Shouldn`t it be more randomise? Like they may appear from anything from say 5-20 turns? These aren`t robots (well most of them) and so there should be a mixed element to when an individual is of a "citizen" level. The kind of person you want, with the skills you want are never guaranteed to be there when you want.. that`s if you believe in Merit.


Also when I had the Crusade expansion I noticed that sometimes a few Citizens came out with "John smith 2", it was never more than 2 of the same name, easy enough to change their name. Usually though the game will bring up quite a few different names for most of the game. I bought the Mercenary pack just the other day and now the game isn`t even trying to use other names, i`m getting for example "Sarah Jones1,2. 3,4,5,6." Almost literally one after the other.

Now of course I can just Rename in game, but it`s a bit of a pain once they start building up. Now I noticed in the faction builder I can bring up the XML file, but how do I write on it? It won`t even let me type anything in and I don`t even know where to place the names.