More Ideology Incidents please, and a slight criticism...

Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2017

One part of Gal civ 3 I really like (apart from the vast customisations) are the ideological questions you get when colonising a planet or an incident takes place. I love the 3 Benevolent, Pragmatic or Malevolent choices. It reminds me a lot of old Baldur`s Gate when you had exactly this choice no matter how offensive was the 3rd bad choice- it was always there. Missed those days. Funnily enough I almost never choose the Malevolent choices, but I always read them cos they make me laugh out loud sometimes.

Request one:

Could we have a greater variety of these, I tend to come over the same choices a little too often and in the vastness of space they should almost never repeat.

Request two:

Have even more difficult choices that cross a political line such as Feminism, SJwisms, communism, capitalism, etc with the 3 clear choices good, neutral and bad. I doubt it`ll happen, but I ask anyway.


Slight criticism:

Is it me or is Pragmatic (which I choose most of the time) sometimes treated the same as malevolent? I tend to choose Pragmatic because it`s mostly commonsense and balances the line between being too soft and or too harsh. But Pragmatic has some negitive bonuses or is treated exactly the same in its rewards as malevolent.

Also came across a Benevolent race and they totally hated me because I was Pragmatic; it felt like I was Malevolent the way they were acting. But then again, perhaps that`s realistic when I see how people are today compared to 20 years ago...