Idea - Changing leader Picture attitude mechanic.

A little more personality to static Leaders?

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2017

I`ve been making leaders, including myself and sticking them in the game. Now it`s a bit sad to see just a static picture of a leader sat there when the official ones are animated.

Now I was wondering; how about having a 3 picture Leader Foreground system representing Happy (or Pleased), Neutral and Angry? So we would have 3 Leader FG folders to add the Pleased and the Angry moods. So I can make a faction leader pic (say myself) as Pleased, a second as Neutral (the standard pic we already use) and Angry. These will `phase` into the different moods as we communicate.

Then all we need to do is add our own custom pictures giving a faction leader a little more of a visualised moods views?

Just a thought.