Only MasterTechDefs.xml currently works?

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hi I'm quite new to Galciv3 modding and I've been working for my custom factions and ships through .xml for about a week. They are quite satisfying.

Now I'm going to try adding some new technology so I found several files related to tech, i.e. MasterTechSpecializationDefs, MasterTechDefs, TechDefs, and TechAgeDefs.

As far as I see these are the only things to define tech; I think I need to mod "ImprovementDefs.xml" and "ShipComponentDefs.xml" for tech to make it 'unlock' the related objects.

One main question: why are there 2 tech file, MasterTechDefs.xml & TechDefs.xml? Is the latter just currently not working completely?

And are there any wrong thing that I understood?