I may never win again on normal

Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2017

I am playing last night and doing great, excessive map with 15 ai. Coming up on 100 turns I am way ahead of all the contacted ai and the non-contacted in production and research and I am 4/15 overall in military. My two neighbors are both behind me in military and I am more than double them in total power.

I am pragmatic and one of my neighbors is Malevolent and turns hostile. Okay then, we have an arms race. I am turning out medium hulls in 2 shipyards in 3-4 turns (I know that's not great for many of you), resources are no a problem. I am producing all I need for all weapons available now. 

Meanwhile, my hostile neighbor's power rating is going through the roof. Building my fleets as fast as I can, this guy shoots up to nearly 300 power and I am creeping up on 200. He declares war and I feel like a sitting duck.

I get an event that gives me enough prag points to pick the 50 turn war stopper but it don't work if you are at war. The I see the talk signal come on the power screen. I am able to bribe the robots into a peace treaty and then I activate the 50 turn war stopper, (I guess it-works, I have never used it).

While getting the peace treaty, I take a good look at what I am up against. The guy has 6o+ warships, mostly tiny and small with max 4 power weapons, no defense, and about 4 transports ready to go. I have about 20 med hull ships with the same weapon power, and no transports

From my last look and previous looks this guy does not appear to have the resources to support what he has built and seems to be continuing to build. He is also cash poor.