Hotkey for Go To

Why isn't there one already?!

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2017

It would be really nice if there was a hotkey for the ship "go to" action.  Out of all the actions one can do with a ship, this is the ONLY one I actually care about having hotkeyed, so go figure that it's the ONLY one that isn't hotkeyed.  All the things like explore and such are things you set a ship to do once or very occasionally, so having it hotkeyed is nice but not even remotely a necessity.  But if you have a lot of shipyards cranking out ships or otherwise want to move a lot of ships to waypoint(s), you could be using "go to" a LOT.  Not having it hotkeyed is pure pain.  Yes, you can set a shipyard to auto-send everything it produces to a waypoint, and that is handy, but you don't always want to have every shipyard doing this if you're producing different kinds of ships and/or sending to multiple locations.