Crusade Wars, some questions here and other places

Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2017

Having not played much outside of Crusades for a while, some of this might be old news, but I am just now noticing it.

First is the whole legion issue. I think they are really cool, but end up making war way to easy. I was declared on by a faction and I used two transports, 5 legions each, to wipe him out, planet after planet. I lost a total of 2 legions since he only had a couple of planets with legions on it. Overall, war is now simple with how it is set, with the aggressor having almost no issues conquering planet after planet with a single ship.

Second was when I killed the other faction. He had hired a LOT of the mercenary ships, and they were stronger than I could counter, so I avoided them. When he died, they went rouge, all over my area since that was where they were. Why would they not go back to the Bazaar to get hired again once their faction died? Non mercs, I get, but mercs should vanish to be rehired to me since they want payment.

Third, why are a few techs so incredibly expensive? Things like Large Hulls are 25 turns for me, while everything past it is only 6. I get that large hulls and similar breaks in technology should be rough, but it made it so once I got it, no AI seemed to be a match. I was a research focused race, and only one producing enough to get that, along with a few other bumps that opened a lot behind them. Though on that note, it seems like EVERY single race got the Interstellar Alliance trait except me, and not a single one would trade it, even with high relations. Not sure how they all got it so early on.

War, is it normal that when one war ends, another starts right away?

And what does it take not to be considered ripe for conquest? HUGE penalty in diplomacy even if I am able to win my wars. Not sure what strength I need to be at to boost.

Why is my relationship declining with another faction? I have +5 modifier total and -2 modifier total for a total of +3, so why is it going back to orange? What do I need to do in order to keep it friendly, even with having an economic, research and open bored treaty?