Access to Jihad tech???

Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2017

Listen, I get it's used by people as a word that's interchangeable with "crusade." I'm a long time fan who's been around here since Galciv 2. Forgive me but I'm a little surprised that such a hotbutton word can be used to describe the tech of a malevolent, aggressive civilization. Jihad actually means "struggle" not "holy war" as in people have personal "jihads" against bad habits for example, which means even the Torians could have it as a "struggle" for survival pop tech. There's bad press and hysteria over Muslims everywhere these days (Muslim ban etc) and adding such a tech just perpetuates the negative image regardless of the innocent reasons behind the name of the tech.

I apologize if I've offended anyone and don't want to come across as over-sensitive. Had this tech been on the Arceans, I wouldn't have minded since they're neutral. But this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth for such a great game.