AI Simply rush building Colony ships from turn 1.

Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2017

Can someone clear something for me. As I watched the videos during the wait for Crusade, one of the features I was most eager for was the return to a slower experience. In short, no more starting with a shipyard, colony ship and all the tools necessary to colonize space. I loved the idea of having to go "back" to developing these things. More realistic, I imagined. Well, as I began moving my races from the core game into the Crusade files, I ran SOAK tests on each to be certain they had no fatal flaws. To my surprise, I noticed everyone of them were rush building and spitting out colony ships within a turn or two! How is that any different?

Further, I started a game with 25 opponents on an Insane map. Naturally, I was relatively close to someone each time. Every time I ran into someone, they already had a colony ship heading toward a system I just discovered. 

My questions are: 1) Do I need to perhaps turn off a pregame option? Maybe slow the tech pace, (an option I don't see changing rush building.) Also, I need to point out I made certain every one of my customs did NOT start with a colony ship.

2) Did I simply misunderstand when I heard the developers explain they were going back to the original concept of "the moment Cid Meier's Civilization game ended." In other words, space exploration has just been discovered, not mastered.

Thanks to anyone who can lend some insight.

All in all, Crusades is the best change I could have hoped for. I'm really just checking to see if I am doing something fundamentally incorrect.