A couple more bug reports for Crusade

Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2017

I'm currently loving Crusade and thought I would let you know a few irritating bugs which are still there - even after loading latest 2.14 beta patch. In no particular order:

  1.   Invulnerable Asteroid Mines.  Once a faction is destroyed you can no longer attack asteroid mines belonging to it.  This is irritating as (for instance) when you capture its last planets the the influence around them remains and prevents your newly conquered planet from using the asteroids.  Not this only applies once the faction is destroyed, as long as it has one planet remaining you can attack them at will.
  2.   Missing Planet in Benevolent Ideology Tree.  If you start out as Pragmatic (to get the 3 constructors) or Malevolent (to get the Frigate) and then switch to Benevolent to get the free Class 10 planet then nothing happens. You can still take the option, but no planet is revealed.
  3.   Missing Survey Ship Symbol.  If you take advantage of the new ability to build survey ships at the outset then the ship is displayed with correct survey ship symbol on the map. However, if you partner it with an escort then the symbol vanishes making it difficult to determine which is your survey 'fleet'.  This appears to be the result of the order in which the ships stack as the starting survey ship (medium hull) is shown as the first ship in a fleet and the fleet displays correctly with the survey symbol.  Likewise, once you can build medium survey ships then are shown first in a fleet and the symbol is shown.  However, the tiny / small ships aren't placed first in the fleet list and the fleet is missing the symbol.  Of course, I could be wrong as to this being the cause - it wouldn't be the first time.

Pse keep up the good work with patches and updates - this is going to be a great expansion once these teething problems are ironed out.