[Mod] Crusade Anomalies

Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2017

This mod (available on Nexus) is the updated version of what was just a Resource Anomalies Mod.

May 30, 2017 Update:

  • Fixed typos
  • Rebalanced anomaly group weights in across the board
  • Set the weights of the Ship Graveyards that award the Cutter to 30 (same as Defender and Gunboat)
  • Added/altered anomaly spawning that occurs when a fleet arrives at an anomaly
    • Almost all anomalies spawn anomalies
    • Many anomalies spawn the next level of defended anomaly in the same category (Artifacts to Artifacts (Lightly Defended)
  • Increased the experience awarded by Wormholes from 5 to 25.


The three components to this mod work together to create a new and improved array of anomalies. In addition to adding new anomalies that offer Crusade-specific rewards, the mod adds the potential for all anomalies to be defended--and if defended, the anomalies display a warning in color. For the new anomalies, I added flavor text that I believe enhances immersion.

Balancing the expanded number of anomalies is a work in progress, and any feedback is appreciated.


This mod adds the following Resource Anomalies:


  • "Precursor Container" (Precursor Nanites)
  • "Crystalline Sculpture" (Harmony Crystals)


  • "Snugglers in Stasis" (Snuggler Colony)
  • "Super Computer" (Hyper Silicates)
  • "Luxuriating in Space" (Helios Ore)
  • "Fruit Basket" (Artocarpus Viriles)
  • "Strange Glow" (Aurorus Arboretum)
  • "Hazardous Material" (Epimetheus Pollen)

Ship Graveyards:

  • "Pay Dirt" (Monsatium Deposit)
  • "Life Support Failing" (Techapod Hive)
  • "Unregistered Freighter" (Arnor Spice)
  • "Hull Fragments" (Xanthium Deposit)

Additionally, the mod adds the following rare Unit Anomalies:


  • "Alien Microchip" (Leader)
  • "Sentient Symbiont" (Scientist)
  • "Intrakinetic Matter Replicating Multi-Tool" (Engineer)
  • "Consciousness Transfer" (Diplomat)


  • "Unprogrammed" (Citizen)
  • "Hero on Ice" (General)
  • "Advanced Starship AI" (Commander)
  • "Spy Bots" (Spy)

Ship Graveyards:

  • "Administrative Super Computer" (+1 Administration)
  • "Broken Down" (Entrepreneur)
  • "Survivor" (Farmer)
  • "Derelict Transport" (+1 Legion)
  • "Disabled Shuttle" (Administrator)
  • "Precursor Salvage" (Worker)
  • "Ghost in Space" (Celebrity)

The mod also includes a replacement AnomalyDefs.xml (which is read by the game instead of the base AnomalyDefs.xml). This part of the mod removes the 75% chance encounters from Ship Graveyards and adds a duplicate of each original anomaly that is defended 100% of the time. Doing this makes it possible to label the anomalies as defended. The defended anomalies appear with less frequency than the standard anomalies, but are otherwise the same.

Within the AnomalyDefs.xml and SoL_DefendedAnomalyDefs.xml, I added three new anomalies that award ship defenses (each with undefended and defended counterparts) to match the new Crusade anomalies that add weapons ("Mysterious Weapon Hardware").

Space Junk:

  • "Starship Defense Components" x3 (+1 to Shields / +1 to Point Defense / + 1 to Armor)

As for the defended anomalies, the encounters in this mod are tiered as follows:

  • Lightly Defended
  • Moderately Defended
  • Heavily Defended

These encounters currently use only the standard pirate ships in increasing numbers. I ultimately intend to create new encounters that are a bit more diverse.

If you have any questions, suggestions, criticisms - or if you find a bug or typo - please let me know!