Something funky on this AI on my latest test

Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Note, this is not 2.13 Beta patch so it possible that stuff you see in here are fixed in that patch.

So i went to test this thing about Brad said AI get free money to help them rush colony ship out but they suppose to lose that free money too, they don't cause glitch in the system. However, AI seem to get free money to do something else too since if it is only for colony ship, they couldn't be this rich.

So i made my best attemp to denie them everything and restrict them to a single planet. However, they come how richer than a space catgirl, how in the Precusor world they get this 8k from? And if you looking at second image, that is all they have, included one colony ship. Since a colony ship cost of rush is around 1,350 credits, they should only get that extra. This doesn't answer where did they get another 7k extra from.

Brad, if you are seeing this, there is more funky happen in GC3 code line. I hope your head doesn't explode after debug all of this.