Line Item UI Improvements Petition.

Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2017


I'll start with a list of UI improvements I've requested or have seen requested.  Any items you see that you would like added please note the #'s and give them a +1.  I'll keep tallies with edits until we get a UI patch.  Please post any additional requests you have on this topic here and I'll add them to the list with edits.

The List:     [tallies in brackets]

  1. Control+N       [2]
  2. Esc to exit any screen in-game      [2]
  3. Arrow or compass to orient models in ship designer      [1]
  4. Continue option in main menu to load most recent save      [2]
  5. Global enable/disable of auto-updates      [2]
  6. In game clock  (hidden behind mouse hover of some in-game object if necessary for screen real-estate)      [2]
  7. Option to center camera on and follow autopiloted ships while they are moving.      [2]
  8. Move-part button in ship designer.      [1]
  9. Simultaneous changing of like components in ship designer when grouped.      [1]
  10. Toggle in ship designer to cycle a selected component through the hardpoints available on the component it is attached to.      [1]
  11. (a0152570, reply 1) In designer, allow ship component bar to be dragged up to show more than one line of components.      [1]
  12. (Surge72, reply 2) Mouse-overs show tooltips on visible items in all screens.      [2]

That's a start.