External GalCiv3 game mod utility

Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2017

I dug around & really only saw one other post regarding an external game modding utility for GalCiv3.  That was nearly 2 years ago and nothing appears to have come from it.

I know we can pretty much get into virtually all the xml files, make changes via notepad or notepad++ or your favorite xml editor and mod the game.  But what I've always thought was nice was to have a utility, or tool, that would help us do it.  So I started writing my own just to help me with my programming training and to make things a bit easier when modding the game.

Right now I'm still in the architecture part of it and gathering info on what all the xml files do.  But I'm wondering how popular this would be with GalCiv3 being "long in the tooth" at 2 years old and if there is a GalCiv4 on the horizon?  If it's not going to be of any use to anyone or if GalCiv4 is somewhere down the road, I won't bother on too much with it.


Just looking for input now.  Anyone interested in this or should I just wait for a potential GalCiv4?