Maps beyond Insane.

Posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Today's stream was excellent. Thank you Stardock and Frogboy for highlighting what will be a very successful expansion to Galactic Civilizations III. I was watching todays stream while actively working at my desk and taking customer calls and calling out to purchase live goods (what I do all day). You would think it being spring I would be so busy to not even have time to watch but its Galactic Civilizations so you make time for a stream (more so with Frogboy and Paul both there)! 

I followed as well as I could and got to thinking (a dangerous thing for an old guy to do).... 

Regarding maps, can maps larger than insane be made and if so are they stable? My thoughts are as long as the engine is robust and your hardware is at the very high end it seems that even maps beyond Insane could technically be made and played on. 

What are the dimensions of Insane? If you wanted a map say 20% larger what would you do and would it CTD?


Thanks for reading!