Custom ships do not appear. WHY???

Posted on Thursday, March 23, 2017

I have created a mod and it's not my first I have some good experience. Although it's been some time I played GC3 and worked with mods I remembered everything (I hope).
Yet I cannot understand why several ships are missing from the game.

1. Static Blueprints: I have created some custom startup ships that should appear when I start a new game. 
For example HumanStartingScout there is a reference for it on CustomShipStyleSetDefs.xml and CustomShipClassDefs.xml and ScoutXStaticBlueprint reference                                       both CustomShipClassDefs.xml and CustomStaticShipBlueprintDefs.xml and of course CustomFactionDefs.xml
For some reason it does not appear in the game. There is no issue with models since there are 3 different ships from Steam workshop none appears.

2. Ship Blueprints: Similar with static ones there are missing ones from Ship Designer. I use the unlock cheat to test my mod and I see that most of my custom ships and blueprints work fine but several are missing. For example I have Tactical Support but not Beam or Kinetic Support and probably there are several more. I have checked everything even spelling errors.     I'm stuck. Why some appear and others not? I used the exact method, exact reference between xml files yet... same problem as with static blueprints reason unknown...         

I alter all xml files names. and the ones I use are FactionDefs.xml - ShipStyleSetDefs.xml - ShipClassDefs.xml - ShipBlueprintDefs - StaticShipBlueprintDefs

I had no this issues in past especially with static blueprints. Any tips, are there bugs? Something I should know about?      

And btw... someone explain me what's the purpose of ShipDefs.xml? another blueprints file? what for?