March Madness Galactic Civilizations Style

Posted on Monday, March 13, 2017

I would love to set up a bracket type tournament for Galactic Civilizations III.  Below is the proposal as well as the hurdles to over come. 

The Proposal

  • Stardock to organize and run...
    • 16-64 Players would register with Steam name (for metaverse ranking) and time zone/availability to play.
    • Games would be limited to tiny or small maps 1 vs 1 with a few minors to add flavor.
    • Game time limit would be 1-2 hours.
    • Turn timer would need to be added to game to keep game moving. 1-2 minute turns.
    • Winner would be determined by highest point value in the game by the end of the game timer.
    • Winner of tournament get's prize, determined by Stardock.

The Hurdles

  • Some Tweaks that Stardock would have to make to the game...
    • Turn timer would need to be put into the game to force the game to continue to move along.
    • Game timer would need to be put in place or it could just be played with limited number of turns (50 turns with 2 minute turn timer per player would be 100 min, max.)
    • Aligning players games so that the player could play the game without forced elimination.
    • Expansion/game version incompatibility would need to be addressed for at least the tournament.

The Benefits

  • Bring players back to the game, (maybe shoot for this option after release of Crusade)?
  • Should Stardock offer this over the course of a weekend, maybe offer a free trial of various DLC's, Expansion - Steam preview weekend to help encourage players to see the DLC's Expansions and want to purchase them.  (not all of them would need to be trialed during this promotion, just ones needed for the tournament).
    • To help draw attention and players to the tournament, maybe the free trial would only be offered to participants, could expand it depending on interest.
    • Free trial would only last, however, long the player is still in the tournament, therefore encouragement to stay in the tournament.

Thoughts? or Questions?