Would a custom star system with 4 additional Class 1 planets be over powered once you unlock more tech?

Posted on Sunday, March 12, 2017

Im thinking of creating a custom star system with a Class 11 or 12 Water World or normal for the homeworld, a class 4-5 planet (to give max 16 total class) then for flavor I wanted to add 4 additional Class 1 planets.

My question is, as with the title, do people think that adding the additional 4 class 1 planets will be op once you start to unlock tech which gives you more tiles? Im trying to debate whether or not it would be better to reduce to stating planets to something like a 8-4-1-1-1-1 split to keep it at 16. Or would the smaller planets be so useless even with tech and star base effects that it would be fine to just include them. Im wanting to add them more for flavor of the system as I plan to use it for a custom race from a book whos mythos has all these extra barely habitable moons/planets. My other idea to balance them was to make each of the 4 additional planets a different Extreme Planet type or needing Atmospheric Cleansing. However with the 50% production bonus reduction for each planet I wonder if that would just be a complete waste of a planet even more.

I also bring this up as I was debating to make a TRAPPIST-1 system with 7 habitable planets, but once again I wonder if I should really focus on keeping the total class value of the system at 16 or if i could get away with a few class 1-3 planets to make it ~20ish.

If anyone has had any experience with trying something similar I would love to know what you have found out.